Untold Story Of Ranu Mondal

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Ranu Maria Mondal (born 5 November 1960) is an Indian singer who is currently working in Bollywood . She was discovered by a passer-by a railway station and her singing video was uploaded by that person which went viral across various platforms. opened, she was invited to the singing reality show, Superstar Singer where Himesh Reshammiya offered for her to sing for his Film Happy Hardy and Heer, helping her officially make debut as a singer.

Ranu Mondal Early life

Ranu Mondal got married to the late Babul when she was just 19 years old.She has a daughter Named Swati, who had left her for ten years.She lives in Ranaghat, Nadia. Ranu Mondal includes a viral singer who needs to have heard their song "Teri Meri Kahani" now we receive Ranu Mondal Biography also heir complete information. Whenever such kind as the artist is viral, thou all have the desire to recognize it. That's why we Have brought you the right and complete information about Renu Mandal, a new artist who is coming to Bollywood now.

Ranu Mandal Today, each youth knows them and their songs are lukewarm. Just a few days ago, the song “ Apna Time Aayega ”, for a song, fits perfectly for Ranu Mandal . To read a full article today we will give you complete information About Ranu Mandal.

Bio of Ranu Mondal

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