Purchasing China Lithium Ion Batteries JB Battery

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As you can see, knowing and taking care of your own golf cart batteries can decide how long they will survive. In this article we clarified the differences between cost and battery dimensions. We also gave you pertinent information about how to keep your batteries at no cost.

Furthermore, you learned about the most popular golf cart battery manufacturers so as to make the ideal selection for your golf cart, and know that you are purchasing the correct batteries for your build.

Beyond this, you'll also find a short manual on understanding voltage and battery configurations. This is important stuff that can aid your custom made golf cart construct go smoothly. This may also make the purchase price that you pay for golf cart battery setup well worthwhile.

6V batteries

A golf cart will ordinarily be powered by six of those 6V batteries. This means that the cart is going to have a total voltage of 36V to pull out of. These are the lowest priced batteries in the marketplace and so are cheap to replace when they come to the conclusion of their own lives. They are perfect for flat courses

The smaller 36V complete voltage does mean, however, these can not really be used on scenic courses. They simply don't actually have enough power. These batteries will also need to be charged more often due to the smaller capacity.

8V batteries

These tend to be combined to make more powerful electric motors to get harder courses and carts which move a little faster. They also carry more charge than 6V batteries so should continue longer both on each charge cycle and over time. They power among the most successful electric carts available on the current market, the Club Car Precedent.

These batteries tend to be a little bulkier and take up a little more space in the cart. They provide a fantastic balance between the demands of 6V batteries in a series to give adequate power whilst supplying a better Ah rating than 12V batteries.

12V batteries

These are the biggest voltage batteries used in golf carts. Less of those batteries are required to power a motor as a result of their increased voltage capability. These batteries tend to be lighter than the others also.

The can't be"deep-cycled" through which means that they don't last as long by charging/discharging cycles and will require replaced more often. They also have less favourable Ah ratings as mentioned above.

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