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How to Add Music to Facebook

Add Music to Facebook Page, Profile : Facebook now announced it Was offering several new ways for users to incorporate music into their on-site identities — and in doing so, it is starting to look very much like MySpace.

How to Add Music on Facebook

Sometimes, words and pictures fail to define our personality. And when that happens, music comes to the rescue. There's always a song that seems so relatable that you can include it in your bio if given a chance. Well, Facebook heard it. Now You can add your favorite music on your Facebook profile. However, the music or the songs won't auto play when someone visits your profile. They will have to play the song manually in the music section of your profile. While you can add multiple songs to your profile, you can also pin a song That will be visible at the start of your profile. Let's check the music feature on Facebook. By the end of the post, you will know how to add music to your Facebook profile and stories.

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