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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20141219074837" timestamp="2014-12-19T07:48:37Z" ns="0" title="校史圖片" />
        <page value="20150115032141" timestamp="2015-01-15T03:21:41Z" ns="0" title="分類目錄" />
        <page value="20150120060053" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:00:53Z" ns="0" title="廖繼春" />
        <page value="20150120060531" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:05:31Z" ns="0" title="李石樵" />
        <page value="20150120060548" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:05:48Z" ns="0" title="林玉山" />
        <page value="20150120061200" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:12:00Z" ns="0" title="梁實秋" />
        <page value="20150120061212" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:12:12Z" ns="0" title="溥心畬" />
        <page value="20150120061213" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:12:13Z" ns="0" title="牟宗三" />
        <page value="20150120061713" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:17:13Z" ns="0" title="田培林" />
        <page value="20150120061736" timestamp="2015-01-20T06:17:36Z" ns="0" title="程發軔" />