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    <allcategories accontinue="師大路上" />
      <c size="7" pages="0" files="0" subcats="7" xml:space="preserve">典範人物</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">出版刊物</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">含有損壞檔案連結的頁面</c>
      <c size="10" pages="10" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">國立臺灣師範大學</c>
      <c size="4" pages="4" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">國際交流</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">學校主體性</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">學校單位</c>
      <c size="11" pages="11" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">學術單位</c>
      <c size="15" pages="15" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">師大大師</c>
      <c size="4" pages="4" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">師大精神</c>